Broken Kingdoms

To swim in a sea of serpents must feel safer than this. Drenched in emotion of betrayal, cloaked in sufferance.

 A King and his throne, demolished. A Queen and her shattered crown. Meek attempts to reassemble as darkness evaded all might. Senses became more weakened. 

Heart strings detached as bejeweled knives were placed into backs. Fibers held together with faulty promises and vacant vows. No eyes open to see, only hearts left to bleed unto shimmering swords of little valiance. 

 A slither of betrayal first crept into the night. It stayed to overshadow each following day. Only a drop of love remained and it was uttered from beneath her majesty’s scarlet lips, fallen on his deaf ears. 

No more shouting out validations of love from mountaintops. No taking care of one another. A passion transformed into only thoughts of putridness. 

Comfort is found in escape from the sadness between each ophidian wave. The chopping pushes down into its depths. Only there the soul feels less disturbed. For that is where no air is shared between the broken hearted.

Nicole Lawson

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