My first post: A cliche how-to on how to not write a cliche first blog post

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for a long time. Mostly sitting in who would really want to read this stuff? Is it a trendy narcissistic approach to getting even more attention in the age of instant gratification? And what if my grammar sucks? Maybe I can cover my own insecure-writing ass if I give a disclosure. Yep, here goes;

You won’t like everything you read, and that’s okay. Nothing you read here is based on a true story. Or maybe that’s not true either. Does it really matter as long as it was entertaining in the moment? Some things I share will likely be older pieces of writing or poetry as there’s a lot I’ve yet to share from past years. Also, I’m not sad. I just write a lot of sad stuff. Sad stuff feels good…how poetic of me. There it is, my disclosure on things to come.

You probably don’t want to do something like this on your first blog post. Take it from me. It sounds insecure, boring, and really not a great way to capture your readers. First blog posts should be more descriptive about what’s to come and what new readers can expect. Not some vague back and forth chatter with no depth.


Nicole Lawson


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